Why You Cannot Use Joomla Components

You should not make the mistake of using too many Joomla Components on your website. Many users have become aware of this problem and they are requesting these same components from other people. Since so many clients are requesting them, Joomla creators are denying all the requests and refuse to add them to the website.

If you were to search for Joomla Components in Google, you would see that there are hundreds of sites that show your options. Most of these sites say “Sorry, your browser does not support these specific features.”

This is another example of Joomla creators avoiding the fact that the Web can easily be used to view the components that they create. These components should be able to be viewed by any browser, regardless of the operating system it runs on.

If you want to use your new website without those components, you can browse the various websites that provide components that do not work with your operating system. Most Joomla makers make this a point of pride because this allows other developers to use the components as well.

Although you can find several components that will work in other browsers, you will still need to understand how Joomla works. The Web is dynamic, meaning it changes constantly.

Although a developer has already created an HTML page and has written out all the code for it, the Joomla creator does not have complete control over the way the pages are displayed on other computers. This is the case with so many online users.

When they go to another computer, the browser will display the page differently than it did when they went to your computer. As a result, your component needs to be compatible with the software that you are using.

These types of components are called multipurpose components. This means that they can be used for both offline and online functions.

To test this, type the word “offline function” into Google. Now, type the term “joomla.com” and see what comes up.

In this case, Joomla is an offline function. The same thing applies to Internet functions as well.

Remember, that the reasons that these developers are avoiding adding these components to your website is that they are afraid that Joomla users may not use them. If they do not use them, it would mean that they are not savvy about the software and do not use it the way it is supposed to be used.

This is why Joomla creators are able to prevent users from installing the components. They are afraid that their users are going to learn how to use these programs without the help of the creator.


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