What’s New With Joomla 4?

When Joomla was introduced to the world in 2020, it changed the way we do things for good. A few years ago, only professional programmers had any idea of what Joomla was, and even most companies who were familiar with Joomla at all only knew how to use it to do some basic web development. But that was then, and this is now. So here are some of the things you should know about Joomla 4 and what it means for you.

The best thing about Joomla 4 is that it is completely platform independent. This means that it can run on anything from Windows to Linux to Mac OS X to a Raspberry Pi to a Blackberry.

For a number of years, the up-to-date version of Joomla has been proprietary and would need you to have a certain specialised version of Windows or Linux to be able to use it. Joomla 4 makes it possible for anyone with any version of Windows to use the same functionality of Joomla, and any other platform. You don’t have to sacrifice functionality to use any of these platforms.

The new interface is actually quite simple. It is easier to navigate than previous versions. You can drag and drop blocks of content and images together. You can insert CSS style codes and CSS variables and create “views” in order to add more functionality to the website you are building.

It also has a big update to the user registration. Joomla is a really user-friendly tool. The registration process is simply a matter of entering your name and email address. You will no longer need to use passwords to log into your account.

They are some pretty neat new features such as widgets and modules. You can create widgets, which allow you to add widgets to your site, and modules, which allow you to create widgets and modules within the framework of your website. These are both powered by PHP.

Joomla has always been built around plug and play. That is, the system can find plug and play modules to make your website work on a variety of different devices. With Joomla 4, you will see that this feature is extended to include things like Java plug and play.

Joomla supports a lot of themes, and Joomla 4 is no exception. Joomla can also create them within your website. You can create them using web design or you can write your own themes that you can add to the site.

In fact, Joomla 4 is so comprehensive that it can even manage your email. It will automatically integrate the functionality into your emails so that it will find your emails and send them out to you on your behalf. What is even better is that you can change how you receive your emails in your control panel or create your own email rules in order to give yourself an email address to receive them in the way you want.

If you are looking to use any of the features on the platform, you can sign up for a free trial for Joomla. You will get to experience everything that is possible with Joomla.

In the final analysis, Joomla is a great platform. If you need some more functionality, you can take advantage of Joomla 4, but if you are building a basic website, this is the platform for you.


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