What is the Main Purpose of Joomla CMS?

What is Joomla CMS? Basically, it is an open source content management system created and designed by the Open Group (a software development company based in Europe) for creating customized content management systems. It’s an open source alternative to some of the more well-known proprietary software products in the market.

The company behind this product, however, isn’t just some small company with an idea; it is also an established open source development company. This means that the Open Group has confidence in Joomla CMS’ ability to meet the needs of businesses that need a highly customizable content management system.

The open group is committed to continuously improving and maintaining Joomla. This means that every new feature or modification to the system will be tested first by the community in order to get feedback and to test the compatibility of any changes with current installations. This ensures that there won’t be any incompatibility issues when the new features or modules are installed on an existing system. Additionally, the community will ensure that compatibility is not broken because of any modifications that may be made to the underlying code.

With this kind of open source approach, the open group ensures that their products can be modified and altered for any business need. And because the open source model enables users to update the system with their own modifications, the open group is confident that their products can be improved over time without having to spend money to do so.

However, the open group also ensures that they will always work closely with the community in order to make sure that their products have a high quality and that any changes are kept as compatible as possible. This way, customers will have the highest level of control over the system they use.

Another benefit of using an open source CMS is the fact that its products can be more cost effective than those offered by proprietary companies. Since there are no licensing fees involved, a website owner doesn’t have to worry about paying for the licenses of their products. In addition, they don’t have to worry about paying for additional licenses for adding new features to the system or the upgrade of their software products.

Because the Open Group offers their products as free to download, websites and companies will be able to have full access to these resources for building new features and for their development purposes. For instance, many businesses will be able to integrate the latest news feeds into their websites with minimal costs. Additionally, they will have the option to add new modules and update existing ones with the help of their community.

With all of the advantages of using the Open Group’s products, one might wonder how the company has managed to stay afloat in this competitive world. The answer is simple: they have been selling a variety of different products over the years. And they’ve used this marketing strategy to continue to improve their products and make them more user-friendly.

Today, Joomla CMS is sold as a number of different products including standalone versions, add-ons and solutions for all kinds of different hosting environments. Therefore, no matter what type of hosting you are using, whether it’s shared, virtual, dedicated, or even grid, the open source CMS will work with it perfectly.

It is easy to see why the Open Group is one of the most sought after software systems. Their open source model allows any person or business to build on top of their product without having to pay a licensing fee or having to shell out for an entire new system.

The only thing that these products don’t offer is a customer support system that is available from the open source group themselves. However, this is not going to be an issue for many people because this is something that most proprietary product companies offer and one shouldn’t have to pay to get support for their products.

The only reason that it is important to pay for support for open source software is to ensure that the product can be improved and upgraded. By working with an open source team that understands how to keep a constant update of the software, the users are going to be able to continue to enjoy their products for years to come.


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