What Are the Basics of Joomla?

Joomla is a great platform to build and run online shops. However, some of the most successful ecommerce businesses are using Joomla components such as the WooCommerce cart, the shop banner, and the shopping cart code.

When searching for the right component for your business, you should look into this very carefully. The truth is that there are many different options available to you, and you must determine what is best for your specific needs.

The first decision you will have to make is whether you want your site to be accessible via the internet or not, and which payment gateway you would like to use. If you are going to have a storefront on the internet, then you must include an online payment gateway. This is the most expensive of all the components you will need, but it can provide an incredible amount of security.

There are some companies who have tried to take advantage of Joomla by offering this as a separate, add-on option, and they have been caught red handed. If you go with a fully integrated approach, you will end up paying more money and having less security.

Another thing you will need to think about is the complete flexibility. For example, do you want to allow shoppers to create their own shopping carts, or do you want to use a shopping cart that is already included with the Joomla CMS? Both options will allow you to completely customize your site.

You will also need to determine if you want to incorporate an online payment module. This can be extremely difficult and complicated, and you will want to thoroughly research it before making your final decision.

There are two other basic elements that you will need to think about: breadcrumbs navigation and search functionality. Breadcrumbs navigation allows visitors to navigate your site via an organized navigation system, and search functionality allows them to find the items they want.

In addition to breadcrumbs navigation and search, you will also need a cart plugin. This helps to manage all the pricing, pricing categories, taxes, shipping costs, and billing options. It is important to select the cart plugin that is right for your needs.

Also important is the way your checkout interface looks, because it is where the visitor will eventually make their final purchase. You will want to make sure it is simple and to the point, so there is no chance for errors.

With all of the various features that are available, there are a lot of shopping cart components available. You will want to use search and breadcrumbs navigation as the basics, but you can always go to the next level by adding advanced features.

Another good thing about these shopping cart plugins is that they are not all hard to install. All you need to do is to download the latest version from the vendor’s website, install it, and then configure the system to your preferences.

These are just a few of the components that you will need to decide if you want to integrate Joomla or not. Once you’ve decided, you’ll have the components you need to build a truly amazing, and fully functional site.


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