What Are Joomla Extensions?

Joomla is a Content Management System that allows you to easily manage content on the web. It is ideal for web developers, web designers, software developers and web administrators. Joomla can be downloaded free of cost. Joomla happens to be highly effective content management system and thus it has immense popularity.

Joomla can manage all the content of your website and save time. There is no need to hire a web designer or any content writer. All the hard work can be done by the Joomla system itself. This means that you can increase the productivity of your employees and thus increase the revenue of your business too. Joomla CMS comes free of cost with your website.

Joomla is a perfect platform for developing professional websites. You don’t have to learn any complex programming language to operate this system. Joomla is an open source software. This means that it is free to download the system and use it without any restriction.

A Joomla website is something that can change the look of your entire organization. This website is developed using a graphical user interface system. Users can either add or remove modules as per their requirements. A huge selection of modules is available for you to add or remove as per your requirements. Joomla CMS comes free of charge. So, it does not require any start-up costs for you to start a Joomla website.

Joomla offers multiple interfaces so that the user can customize the website according to their requirements. With the help of modules, you can create a website which will appear exactly how you want it to. The content is controlled by the administrator of the website. These days many people are creating websites in a quick time. Joomla ensures that the system is user friendly and that it can be operated easily by the average Joe.

The administrator of a Joomla website can be reached through a web shell. When you log into your Joomla system, this shows the graphical user interface (GUI). Joomla offers many extensions so that they can add further functionality to the system. These extensions can be installed with relative ease. You just need to browse the extensions directory and install the extension as required.

Joomla offers numerous advantages to the website developers. Joomla CMS allows for flexible web designing where a person can add, edit and delete contents as per requirement. This makes the process of creating and editing web content very easy. Joomla CMS allows a person to update the content on the website frequently thereby increasing the chances of attracting huge traffic.

Joomla happens to be one of the most popular CMS systems in the present times. There are thousands of websites that are based on Joomla. The Joomla system ensures that the content on the website is easy to access, change and customize and the website loads quickly.

The Joomla system is an open source software. The open source Joomla is free to use and modify. This means that the system is able to attract thousands of developers who are constantly working towards improving the Joomla CMS. The developers make use of the extensions for extending the features of Joomla.

The extensions developers have released several different extensions for Joomla. The extensions make the Joomla system extremely useful and interesting. The websites developed with Joomla are unique in their own way and are incomparable to any other website.

Joomla offers great flexibility. It comes with different skins that help to make the websites look attractive. The skins help to add different features to the website and also make it user friendly. Joomla is easy to install and is very reliable as well.

Joomla ensures that the website is easily navigable. This helps the visitor to browse through the website with ease. Joomla guarantees that the website is search engine friendly and has a high ranking. The Joomla system enables the visitor to interact and share information with other users on a website.


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