What Are Joomla Extensions?

Joomla Extension Development has become a necessity for all those websites that need to add new features on their websites. Web developers who work for TalentsInIndia are at your service to assist you to meet any complex type of Joomla extensions requirement that you come across. Our team of web developers can help you create the extensions, themes, or add ons in a jiffy and within a set budget.

Joomla is a popular content management system, which has become the choice for both small and large organizations. It allows users to easily access the database from anywhere in the world, as it is cross platform compatible. It allows the easy creation of dynamic content and forms through templates that are customized according to the company’s requirements.

Joomla provides various web design options, ranging from simple templates to full blown extensions. These extensions can be developed by our team of experts through the various online templates. We provide custom HTML templates for Joomla developers to work on the extensions they develop without any trouble.

Extensions for Joomla are created through various techniques. Some of these include:

– Open source CMS, Joomla, can be used for several purposes. These extensions will provide your website with a look-and-feel, which will make you stand out amongst your competition. These extensions enable users to add a lot of functionalities to the website without much hassle. You can even integrate some advanced tools like RSS feeds, comment boxes, blog posts, polls and many more.

– Customized Extensions – A wide variety of extensions are available in the market for Joomla. The extensions are designed keeping in mind various needs of users. These extensions will enable your website to offer a dynamic look to your website and improve the overall performance of it.

– Joomla extensions are easy to install and they also can be upgraded to support the latest changes in the Joomla framework. This is very important if you want your website to remain updated.

– These extensions can add a lot of functionalities to your website. You can also update the modules and the website content anytime of the day without much hassle. This will allow you to increase the site traffic and also increase the number of sales.

– You can build an opt-in list or can use an autoresponder to keep in touch with your customers about new additions and services in Joomla. This helps you to increase the conversion rate of your website.

– Web developers who specialize in Joomla extensions can easily customize the site’s content and add new features. It will help you achieve higher search engine rankings and this will also increase your website’s visibility in the internet.

– Joomla developers also provide you with a wide range of web design tools. These include the following:

The above mentioned features can be provided to any extension you develop. for Joomla. Our team will analyze your business requirements, customize the extension and then implement it for you. In most cases we will deliver your work on time and within the stipulated deadlines.

Joomla developers also provide you with various features such as Joomla installation guides, help sections, online tutorials, FAQs, installation help etc. for your website. In case you need a hand, our team will ensure that you get these tips on your screen while you are browsing your favorite web browser.

Online training classes are also available for Joomla. Our instructors are experts in the field and they can also provide help with online surveys to help you in your online training sessions.

If you are not confident enough to install the extensions on your own, we can also do this for you. and will even test the applications to ensure that the applications function properly before finalizing them for the server.

It is very important to mention here that these extensions are only supported in Joomla version 2. So you should update this version to the latest version to get the most recent versions of extensions.


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