Top Features of Joomla CMS

Joomla CMS is a full-featured Content Management System that is used in the creation of dynamic and user-friendly websites. It is widely used for the development of the web based business portals. The main feature of Joomla CMS is that it makes the website easy to manage and is easy to extend.

One major benefit of Joomla CMS is that it supports all the basic technologies like HTML, CSS, and PHP. It also provides a large number of plug-ins that allows you to design any kind of website without any trouble. It has a module called LAMP, which makes the system flexible and easy to customize.

The system architecture of Joomla CMS is really quite robust. Apart from the different frameworks that the system uses, there are multiple modules that support a variety of features such as blogging, photo editing, and various shopping carts. It also supports the use of modules that help you integrate with social networking sites. This is useful in building strong communities and online communities that can be accessed on every site through the Joomla CMS.

Joomla CMS allows you to create a site that integrates easily with the other systems like CRM, accounting, email, and even the online library. There are many popular modules that you can use when developing your own online business portal and the best part about this system is that it provides the flexibility and scalability for such a wide range of applications.

The reason why CMS is widely used in the online world is because it helps users to create their own websites that can be customized according to their needs. Most popular CMS today is Drupal which has gained its popularity with millions of users.

With so many people using Drupal CMS, it has made the process of designing a website easier and quicker. The system makes the process of designing a website very simple and easy because it offers templates that can help you in creating a website that can be easily accessed by the users and also by businesses across the globe.

Joomla CMS comes with an amazing range of themes that you can use to design your website. Drupal has a huge range of themes that include template, ecommerce, static site, custom and standard. It also supports different sizes of windows and requires low installation cost.

The CMS offers an easy user interface to make the web designing process much easier and you can do it in a matter of few clicks. You can use Drupal and the system is always up to date because it offers the newest versions of the software that are available.

There are different applications that you can use when you are designing your site using Joomla CMS. When you want to design a website that integrates easily with the other systems like CRM, accounting, email, and the online library, you can use Joomla’s many available web services. These web services allow you to create dynamic and user-friendly websites.

The system has a feature called e-commerce that allows you to add multiple payment gateways and you can also use the PayPal module which allows you to accept credit cards. The systems also allow you to create home pages, shopping carts, RSS feeds, and RSS feeds as well.

When you are using the systems, you can also link it with the CMS, and this will provide the CMS with all the links and information you need. There are also some features available in the system that help you make an online store to sell your products and services, and you can also use it for other purposes like SEO.

The most important feature of the CMS is that it has been designed with the security requirements of the users in mind. It does not store any information that is confidential, it will never use a default login that is already used by any other site, and it will also keep the data in encrypted form. It also has a security extension that will help protect your system from security threats like the PHP Shellshock.


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