This is usually needed after upgrading the websites to newer versions. This is very simple to do, just update the information stored in the Joomla package. Learn How to Install Joomla Components

There are many ways to install Joomla components. While there are many ready-made themes available for many CMS, there are also many other ways to use Joomla.

The built-in theme of Joomla is pretty basic. It has many templates and content to help you get started. However, if you want to customize some things then you need to install the Joomla templates.

There are various directories where you can find Joomla components. You can install these components by copying them from these directories and putting them in your website. But the problem with this approach is that many of these components do not work properly and are corrupted.

So, you can try and install a third-party package. This is actually one of the easiest ways to install these components. All you need to do is get the latest version of the components. There are several sources available online.

You can install these components in different ways. Some of these methods will require some technical knowledge to follow. But, if you have the basic skills then this is a simple process.

If you are using the popular websites, then there are some guides that will help you download packages. These packages will include all the modules for building your website. As an example, you can get information about the available modules and their benefits.

When installing these components, you need to install the built-in theme. Then just click on “setup” button.

After installation, you will get an option to delete the files. Just select the packages which are no longer required. Click on “install” to save it.

Next step is to download the most recent version of the components. This is the part where you will get some help from forums and blogs. The official Joomla site will also provide you the latest version.

Now it is time to install the components, after that you can start to learn about its features and other simple tutorials. Make sure you read the instructions carefully.

There are some automated tools available to help you in this procedure, but make sure you read the manual installation guides to avoid any trouble. Sometimes you may need to update the websites that use the components.


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