The Top 4 Joomla CMS For Your Website

The Joomla CMS is one of the most efficient online publishing tools for webmasters, content writers and other professionals who are involved in website building. With the help of the CMS, they can make modifications on their webpages and enhance its functionality, while protecting their site from any possible attack by security guards, hackers or malicious users.

The CMSs can be found in many e-commerce websites, and they can be used in many online publishing tools. The CMSs allow the administrators to create, set up and manage their blogs, forums, articles, newsletters, profiles, interactive flash games, journals, classifieds, theses, quizzes, videos, blogs, opinion polls, homepages, portfolios, product catalogues, online shopping carts, interactive forums, pictures galleries, personal web pages, sales pages, slider images, ratings and reviews, polls, stores, voting lists, softwares, thesaurus, time clock and more. They can be customized using various widgets and templates, and then they can be hosted in the most compatible web hosting service provider.

A webmaster needs to make sure that the Joomla CMS he/she uses is compatible with the type of sites that he/she has to build. Some of the popular Joomla CMS are listed below:

OpenCMS is another popular open source CMS in Joomla. It provides you the freedom to use different types of elements in your webpages and it allows you to build a complete website without any limitation. It is a flexible CMS that provides the opportunity to manage a large number of pages.

CakePHP is a professional CMS for PHP based websites. It provides a wide array of features and the CMS can be easily downloaded from the official site.

Postgrey is an extension to Joomla that makes the web development processeasy. It enables you to manage content and offers a standard HTML editor that lets you add features and customize your site without any trouble.

MediaWiki is a free, open source content management system which has been developed by Wikipedia to manage information, content and software repositories. This technology enables you to store content, applications, software and documents in a database.

One of the most popular open source software is PHPMyAdmin. It is a community developed advanced PHP administration software that enables users to administer their sites through its graphical user interface.

MetaMonster is a software designed to manage content, blogs, online shops, groups, forums, profiles, chat rooms, communities, wikis, polls, feeds, social networking profiles, e-newsletters, and widgets. It also works as a content management system for websites.

It is a versatile content management system that allows the administrator to create and manage custom e-commerce portals. It also allows users to publish articles, produce reports, publish Flash animations, and embed external content.

You can also find support of this CMS by the hosting service provider. However, for this you will have to pay for their services, which can be very expensive if not done correctly.

The CMSs are being used widely for the web design tools for several reasons. Some of the common reasons include designing of online sites, making content rich, creating a user interface, developing forms, etc.


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