The Complete Guide to Creating a Joomla 4 Site

Joomla is one of the most widely used CMS out there, but to many people it has many different versions that it can use and many options to configure and change. You may want to go with a particular version for your site or maybe use a certain theme that is not on the package or use only certain plugins. The main question is how to download and install the best version.

Downloading the Joomla extension is easy and it’s very quick. There are many options you have in this so be sure you have some checked off before you download. Before we get into that I want to say this: if you want to customize the look of your website, it is very easy to do.

If you are downloading the Joomla 3.x you want to download the installer program, this will let you find your settings easily and have them saved for you. You will need to download a number of files, so here is how to download them.

Download all your site templates, links, content and themes. For this you will need the file iFrame, which is a bit large. You can download this file from the internet, so be sure to do that if you’re not sure how to do it.

After downloading the file iFrame, open up a new windows site that uses iFrame, make sure you run it as administrator and then go to Add New Site and choose Siteshare from the drop down menu. Once this is done it will give you a list of all the timeshare sites and these are where you will download the files.

Next you will need to download two plugins, one to load the site and another to load the home page and another one for the header and footer. This is just a quick guide to getting started. Click on Add New to add more files.

When you go to add a site, you will need to go to Options and enable the ‘I am a new user’ option. This is so you will be prompted to login, to get the password you will need to create a user on the website. There are two ways to create a user for a new website, one is to use the admin panel on the site.

The other way is to run a command line application. Either way you will need to create a user on the website. When you add a site, you will need to create the login page.

Click on File on the Add New website and it will offer to automatically generate the file. Choose Install the extension and then follow the prompts. Once this is done click on ‘Exit’ and then go back to Add New.

You should now have an added site, and one thing to keep in mind is that you cannot edit any pages in the site, you must go to the home page and click on Tools then Script Editor. It will open in the browser, so you will need to click on File then Run Script Editor. This will let you edit all the pages and see what needs changing.

If you need to add or change an account email you need to go to the Admin Panel, you will see the tools button on the home page. Use the options in this to add an email address. If you want to go back to your site you can just click on the Admin Panel and then click on Tools.


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