Problems With Joomla 4

At the moment Joomla is out of support, its development team are focusing on the next version that will become the fourth version. We are currently discussing the things which are not implemented yet and there are still some issues that need to be solved.

What would be nice is that every website will be able to upload its own module to be included in the website. It is very difficult to work with the template because of the elements in it. The possibilities for Joomla template development are unlimited if every website will have its own module.

Installation was a big problem which needed to be solved. The web developer has to provide a hosting account and an email address and he will be the only one who will have access to all the installations, installations are done by individual modules. One module will be creating a menu, another one will be adding features, etc. and all these will be done together.

Another problem is that many developers are not working on the platform anymore and the new ones do not even work. This is a problem which needs to be solved soon. Developers should still be paid for their work since Joomla continues to grow.

Many developers are making new templates which are very simple. The developers are still working on the features that will be there in the third version. Many people are just copying the code from other templates and will just add new features.

There are a lot of people who bought Joomla hosting account and don’t have the ability to access it anymore. All these people will have to do is to change the email and the password in order to allow them to use the server again. In order to protect the Joomla hosting account from any hacker with this problem should be solved soon.

These problems will cause the maintenance of the website to be very difficult. If there are these problems in the platform then the developers will have to stop the work until they get these problems solved. If there are these problems in the platform then the developers will have to change the framework to solve these problems. These are some of the most important problems that are faced by developers.

Support is also a problem. Sometimes there are several questions that need to be answered by the developers, this will take much time. The support for the Joomla hosting is not complete because there are many issues to solve. However, this will be fixed once the community will have a source of hosting.

The templates are a problem because they were designed with the current version of Joomla in mind. Now if the developers want to do something new, they will have to make new templates and submit this to the community for approval. This will be a big problem because the community will reject their idea and will need to start from scratch.

CMS solutions are very difficult to implement in Joomla templates. The community does not support them because they can not use the feature properly. So the developers will have to wait for the community to support the CMS before they can release their extensions.

There is also a compatibility problem because different frameworks use different methods for storing data. This will cause problems for users who did not use Joomla before. In order to solve this problem the developers will have to make templates for each CMS and these templates will be able to use each others data.

So the future for Joomla is rather unstable. But we should see more improvements in the Joomla framework until Joomla 4 becomes the next version of Joomla.


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