Joomla Templates and Designing Your Website

The amount of Joomla Templates can be overwhelming and frustrating for users. The good news is that the number of user-friendly templates are increasing every day. If you’re looking for a Joomla template that will help you get your business online and boost its conversion rate, here are some guidelines for doing so.

When selecting templates, the first thing you need to do is to find a template that will fit the needs of your website. Your aim should be to find a template that will meet the quality standards of your target audience.

There are various types of templates for you to choose from. However, they are categorized into two: content-based and application-based templates.

Content-based templates will include only content-related options like tags, categories, menu, footer, etc. In addition, there are additional tools such as the list and the archives which you can use to display content on your site.

Application-based templates on the other hand will include templates that are more application specific such as table templates and other e-commerce functionality. This type of template is very useful for the user because it will help them in efficiently building a proper interface.

You will also need to determine the type of application you want to use before you go out and purchase the available templates. If you are planning to use an existing website to carry out your Joomla Templates, it is a good idea to use the content-based templates.

Once you have the appropriate template, you will now have to select a theme that is most suitable for your website. A good way to go about this is to browse through a wide range of themes so that you can identify ones that best represent your target audience.

It is important to note that the header area of your website should be of the highest priority. A header with your primary product or service name, as well as information on the features and benefits of your site is one of the most important components of your website.

If you intend to sell secondary products, such as products that are not related to your primary offer, you may consider using a less comprehensive template that does not require you to create an elaborate header. It is also important to ensure that the header is optimised for all screen resolutions and for use on mobile devices.

Although it is great to focus on the header area, you also need to look at the navigation so that it will easily access the information you want to show on your site. You should make sure that it is a user-friendly experience that will help visitors easily navigate through your site.

Another important factor in regard to the navigation is to ensure that the site will be able to adapt to changes. Whether the changes will be in terms of aesthetics or the functionality of the site, you should make sure that you can do this in an efficient manner.

As technology advances, more users will be taking advantage of new technologies, so it is important to design the site in a way that will not break under the influence of these changes. Once you have achieved this, you will now have to add content and achieve the goals you had in mind for your website.


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