Joomla Template System

Joomla Templates is the outer shell of your website. They are essentially comprised of a collection of different files which dictate the layout and appearance of a website when your individual content and other modules are placed in place. A template actually dictates many things such as colors, menus, menu styles, web content types, navigation functions, default theme design, and even certain graphical images like the header and footer (in some instances). It also allows you to change existing themes with relative ease.

Joomla template installation is relatively simple if you have the proper programs on hand. To begin, locate your “skin” or main themes, as they are often referred to in the Joomla community. Inside your skins folder, create a new folder called “templates” and then copy and paste all of the following items into this new folder:

All of these items should be downloaded and placed into the folder that you created earlier. If you are unsure what these items are, I strongly suggest that you search for them online before proceeding. When you have copied and placed everything back into your skin or main themes, then proceed with your installation of your new Joomla template. Usually, this process takes about 30 minutes or so.

One of the most popular ways that Joomla Templates is used is on websites for informational purposes. These sites tend to use a lot of basic information, but occasionally need a bit more to give the visitor a well defined idea. This is where Joomla templates come in handy. You can utilize a template for the informational website that you create and place it into your Joomla skin or homepage. This will provide the visitor with all of the information that they are looking for, but at the very same time, save time when the person is navigating through the site to reach the information they are looking for.

Another popular way that Joomla Templates is used is within the “rocketlauncher” type of websites. A lot of people don’t realize this but if you are creating a website that has to do with rocket launching, then it makes sense to use a template that is designed specifically with this type of website in mind. Many people have created websites that are essentially a portal from one page to the next. Using a simple “salad” template that has several of the elements of the “rocketlauncher” type of website, allows the designer to easily create a very engaging website that the person will enjoy using. This makes Joomla a perfect solution for designing these types of sites.

There are other uses for Joomla Templates other than just online portals. In fact, this open source Content Management System can also be used for creating and editing all kinds of different web pages including some very unique applications that many other systems simply can’t even begin to compare to. The most commonly used application by far is known as the Joomla Template Generator. It is used for building a variety of unique websites, but it does so much more than building templates.

When you are creating your very own Joomla website, the Joomla Templates is really the only thing that you need in order to complete the construction. Creating a website is quite simple when using Joomla, because there are so many different tools available that allow you to customize the look of each individual page. Once you pick a template that you like, simply copy and paste all of the code that you want to put onto that page. That is as far as the customization goes, because the only other thing that you really need to worry about when creating your own personal Joomla template is the colors that you choose. Just remember to make sure that you choose colors that will work well with the overall design that you have for your website, because often times certain colors tend to make a website look a bit off balanced.

So, if you find that you simply do not know how to create a website that looks great, or you simply need help to create the website of your dreams, then the Joomla template system is perfect for you. It is one of the best and easiest ways to learn the ins and outs of creating your own Joomla site. Even if you know absolutely nothing about html or CSS, you can still use the amazing tools that are available with Joomla to build the website of your dreams. You don’t have to know anything about building web sites to use Joomla, because with the Joomla template system, it is very easy.


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