Joomla Maintenance – Why You Should Be Concerned About Your Website’s Maintenance

Today Joomla is one of the most common websites on the internet. Being popular has brought with it a lot of confusion about the maintenance required to keep the website running smoothly. This article discusses some of the most commonly asked questions about Joomla maintenance and what you can do to help your Joomla website to stay updated and up to date.

Every business that is using Joomla will be concerned about the maintenance needs of their website. So here are some questions that should be on everyone’s mind before they start up their Joomla website.

Does the Joomla website require regular updates or do you only update as and when the needs arise? Having a daily posting schedule in which you maintain the website is ideal. You will still have time to do some research, write some articles and engage your staff.

Does the website need to be developed? A Joomla website can be modified into a fully functional website without needing any special tools. All you need is a Joomla administrator account and the developer add-on available from

Does the website contain commercial content such as commercials or advertisements? It is important to keep the content of the website up to date. For this reason it is imperative that you set the correct operating system requirements for the website. The browser, operating system and the version of Java are what the developer must use.

What web servers do you use? Depending on how large your website is you will need to find a suitable web server to run it. Make sure you select the best server for your needs.

Is the website designed to use?htaccess or cgi? .Access is a good choice as it makes the server easier to administer and configure. While CGI scripts must be written using the cgi.php script to be executed from the server. This can be configured in the configuration file using phpMyAdmin.

Do you have any code to copy for the scripts or any knowledge of how to create them? If so then you will have to go to and get the right code to copy.

Does the website need to be supported by software like phpMyAdmin and if not what can I use? and community forums are places where you can seek information and answer your questions.

How much support do you provide for your Joomla users? The Joomla community is quite active and there are many groups to help you out with your Joomla issues. The forum can be found at the site.

Will the Joomla website allow JavaScript? Most websites do these days but it is usually best to avoid them unless they are absolutely necessary. You may find that certain areas on the website are not possible to access using Joomla, for example security, not supported.

New media queries have been added recently to improve the appearance of a Joomla website. These are now available to use with Joomla. This article should help you understand some of the questions you may have about Joomla maintenance.


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