Joomla Maintenance – Tips on Keeping Your Website Secure

Joomla maintenance can be one of the most difficult things for a novice to learn. This article will teach you how to maintain your website properly so that it is always running at top performance.

If you have not implemented Joomla in your business yet, you should first set up a plan on how you want to manage your site maintenance needs. You should know where you are going and what to do to get there.

In order to keep your Joomla site running at its best, you need to take care of the following steps before it ever begins. You need to make sure that you have checked and tested all the software for viruses, and other malicious codes.

Before installing any software into your control panel, you should test it by inserting a credit card and entering some information. This ensures that you are getting your hands on a free virus program. Your control panel should also be scanned with an anti-virus program.

Any security virus should be detected by your control panel before it can even be installed. This way, you can take away the risk of having your control panel being infected with viruses.

Do the proper online backups of your files, so that if there is a loss of your computer, you will still have a copy of the data. This is especially important if you run your business online.

If you take a standard manual step of backing up your control panel on an external hard drive, then you will always have a backup. Make sure that you set your backup folder to keep a copy of everything.

Be on the lookout for any unauthorized use of your server because you never know when you may find yourself being a security threat. If you ever notice unauthorized users attempting to access any of your files, remove them from your control panel immediately.

If your server is already infected with a virus, then it is important that you install the software to remove the virus from your server. The good news is that this is all taken care of automatically by the Joomla control panel.

Make sure that your website is secure and does not pose a risk to your website, as this will only increase your web traffic. Do not encourage the use of your control panel, as it will cause your visitors to quickly turn away.

As you can see, there are many things to know about web maintenance, but if you take these basic information into consideration, you will be well on your way to a secure website. You should be aware of the Joomla maintenance available and always take the appropriate measures to ensure that your control panel is safe.

Now that you know the importance of running a secure Joomla, you should also make sure that you update your website regularly. No matter how much you love your Joomla site, you can’t live without it.


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