Joomla Maintenance Tips

This article contains a series of Joomla Maintenance tips to help keep your Joomla website in good condition. You will be able to increase the life of your Joomla Website by following these simple tips.

Keep the content fresh and interesting. Be sure to update the content regularly. Providing good content increases your chances of visitors to visit your site. Also, having fresh content keeps your website users informed and active on the topic you are posting about.

Check your website for any broken links. Many times, after your visitors visit your site, they leave without clicking on the back button. Without clicking the back button, the back link won’t be available for the subsequent visits. If you do not update your site with any broken links, you will eventually have visitors clicking through your links and become frustrated. Adding some links that go to good resources will keep visitors happy.

Make use of the review feature in your hosting account. Reviews let your customers know about your site. The reviews will give them a better understanding of your business. It is important to ensure that you include a review section on your website. A good way to ensure reviews are visible is to get the reviews checked using an automated tool. Reviews serve as a beacon for visitors to take a look at your site.

Keep your Support Tickets Up to Date. In case of emergency or an urgent situation, having a ticket sitting in your inbox will help you quickly get the support that you need. However, if you don’t have support tickets, it may be necessary to wait a little longer before you can get some assistance. While waiting, your customers will be frustrated and will most likely move on to another site that provides the same or similar services.

Make Use of the links in your header. Each time a new page is displayed on your site, place a link to it in the header. When you have a large number of pages, it may be best to create a header and include all of the pages that are on your site.

Use the custom language. Your website should display in the language that you want it to display in. For instance, if you are in French, the default Joomla site will display in French. Using a different language also provides your customers with a choice, which is why it is advised to use it.

Send direct mail to your customers. Direct mail is considered the best form of customer relationship management (CRM). It is important to get customer feedback so that you can determine if something needs to be changed or improved. This helps you learn how your customers are feeling about your product or service and how they perceive your company.

Generate Leads to boost your leads. In order to improve your leads, you will need to make sure that you send emails to your subscribers. This will help you build your list and create more prospects.

When it comes to web design, you’ll need to make sure that your content is up to date. If your content is not up to date, it may be detrimental to your online presence and could make your site less attractive to your visitors.

Go for quality content as much as possible, and make sure that your bounce rate is at least 20%. If you see a big drop in your bounce rate, you may be on the right track.

The Joomla maintenance tips are just a few of the many that you can use. With proper maintenance, you can create a secure website that your visitors can depend on.


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