Joomla Maintenance Tips

You have just purchased a new Joomla website and you feel that it is working perfectly. However, you are not aware of the fact that there are lots of maintenance tasks required to keep your site running well. With so many websites on the internet, not all of them have full support from their operators.

To be able to do the Joomla maintenance, you need to learn about the system and the type of websites you have. For example, you have a small business website and it has been designed with a ready-made template, that does not come with any of the modules. In order to help you understand Joomla better, here are some tips:

* The first step is to check if your website can be indexed by search engines. If it cannot be indexed by search engines, you can do some more things such as updating the content on your website. Search engines have their own algorithms for doing so and if you want to optimize your site for them, you should update your content as often as possible.

* Make sure you update the pictures on your website as often as possible. Your images will show up much better in search engines, if they are of high quality. Also, make sure you create clean HTML code. That way, your website will be search engine friendly as well.

* Make sure you remove all the unwanted spaces, tabs and links in your website. All these add up to reduce your page’s load time. You can also clean up your HTML coding and make it more optimized for search engines. This will help a lot in making your website optimized for search engines as well.

* Remember to update your blogs regularly. Search engines love blogs and search engine crawlers love blogs.

* It is best to have information packs on your site. These information packs will contain information such as tutorials and other information that you think would be helpful to your visitors.

* Make sure that you have some way to make updates to your Joomla modules. If you have an automatic update system, make sure that you have set it up properly. This will keep you from getting frustrated while trying to do the Joomla maintenance manually.

* You need to be an active member of the community in order to do the Joomla maintenance. The community is the one that will help you in your quest to make your website optimized for search engines. People will always be there to provide you with some kind of help.

* Try to be as open as possible. There are plenty of tools and tricks that you can do to make your website easier to manage. You can easily integrate your site into popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

* You can also use your blog to share your knowledge about Joomla. Other people will find it useful and will use your blog as a source of knowledge about Joomla. This will make you a part of the community and thus increase your reputation among the search engines.

If you manage your site well, you will definitely reap rewards. Search engines will not penalize your site if you use some of the above tips in making your website Joomla optimized. Joomla is one of the most popular and powerful CMS systems around, so use the tips given above to make your site easier to manage.


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