Joomla Maintenance – How to Implement Joomla Maintenance on a WordPress Site

There are some benefits that come with Joomla maintenance. Bad Joomla maintenance can even slow down the progress of your website.

Good news is, if you follow a basic Joomla maintenance program, it’s easy to avoid a lot of problems. A good Joomla maintenance will save you a lot of money. You will have more time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Keep in mind that Joomla maintenance requires a little bit of effort on your part. It may not be as easy as clicking a button or logging into a “joomla” web portal. Still, if you want to maximize your Joomla security and get maximum benefits, you should implement Joomla maintenance. Do yourself a favor and consider the following guidelines.

Manual Maintenance: This is what you do to get things done. If you are doing this, you should keep in mind that there are some safety guidelines in place when you do this. Manual maintenance includes such tasks as uninstalling unwanted extensions or scripts. Sometimes, a hard-to-remove or unwanted extension can take up an excessive amount of space and that’s where you have to get creative. Find a space where you can place the unwanted extension so that it won’t cause any trouble.

You can contact your Joomla service provider and ask for their suggestions on how to delete some unwanted extensions. When you have selected a few extensions that are not used on your site, uncheck them. Next, delete the extensions you selected. Be sure to store those that you selected for future use because they are valuable should be treated as expensive.

Site Maintenance: You need to make sure that your site is in good condition. Visit the web host to find out what has been done to your Joomla site. Ask for advice from the host to solve a problem.

User Roles: Each user needs to have specific access to the content. Therefore, you should know who has the full access to the site.

File Change Log: The directory /log/ChangeLog contains the list of files and their corresponding change logs. This file can also be accessed through /changelog.

Templates: They are created on a daily basis and are updated by hand. As soon as a new template is created, check the internet for it. It would help if you could get your hands on an expired template to use instead of saving a brand new one.

Forums: Use forums to share information and ask questions. Make sure that you are respectful while posting. Never, ever abuse forum rules or engage in trolling or spamming to post in forums.

Search Engines: Your Joomla website can be indexed by Google through certain search terms. If you do not have good links to your site, you could be penalized. Try to optimize your links and keywords through social bookmarking or article submission to gain quality backlinks.

Don’t wait for bad situations to occur before you start performing Joomla maintenance. Keep in mind that you only have limited time and it is better to get things done sooner than later. Maintain your Joomla sites for maximum productivity and profits.


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