Joomla Maintenance – How to Do Maintenance

To ensure the long-term usability of a Joomla website, it is essential to maintain it with regular maintenance. Do-it-yourself maintenance is not the best idea for a large Joomla website.

A Joomla installation is usually located in a development environment. It is like an open book to its users. Hence, in order to make it usable by developers, some basic measures need to be followed.

First of all, it is essential to install programmatic ways that allow Joomla to communicate with its clients. There should be designated individuals who can monitor everything that happens on the website. This person or persons will manage the updated content and the maintenance of Joomla pages.

Some developers offer a maintenance service that lasts as long as a year. This service guarantees the continued support of Joomla installations.

The only problem with this approach is that the maintenance will be performed by a professional software development company. This is where the need to maintain the website becomes imperative.

The Joomla templates are divided into several sections that comprise a major portion of the HTML coding. Hence, the maintenance task does not start at the HTML part but extends to other parts of the code such as CSS and PHP.

Images and logos are needing to be updated frequently. Images should be placed in places where they do not get outdated. This is done through replacing them with new ones or simply replacing them with other similar designs.

Comments are also important to be updated regularly. These comments indicate where changes have been made on the website. For Joomla website, they are added by embedding them in the code.

While the site is under maintenance, it is imperative to keep control panel and template information up-to-date. The maintenance tasks could be done by administrators but many prefer to outsource these tasks.

In this manner, the website will still function despite the maintenance. Moreover, if the websites are not doing well during the maintenance period, it is easier to carry out the updates and fixes.

To maintain the websites while they are under maintenance, you should make sure that you have installed checkins. This way, updates can be carried out even when the website is not working due to the lack of maintainers.

One thing that is vital is that you cannot depend on Joomla templates alone for the maintenance of a Joomla website. In case the owners of the website expect such maintenance, the maintenance contract should be signed before the work commences.


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