Joomla Maintenance

Every web site needs regular Joomla Maintenance and Updates. Joomla’s simple interface makes it ideal for anybody to make their own websites using the website builder. There are a few ways to maintain your Joomla sites, but here are two of the most commonly used methods:

o Regular Update Schedules – Joomla has a built in module that allows you to update your site automatically through their system. This way, you just need to visit your control panel. Once you click on the “Site Maintenance” tab, you will see all the status of your websites including the status of other websites that were created with Joomla.

o Script Updates – Scripts are programs that perform a set of instructions to perform specific tasks that are known as scripts. In the case of Joomla, these scripts are called extensions.

If you want to use extensions, you have to be aware of how they work. Extensions have to be registered with the Joomla administration in order to be allowed to work. Once the registration is done, an extension is automatically available on your control panel.

If you want to remove an extension, you have to go through the process of removing the extension. You can do this by clicking on the Extensions tab and then going to the Manage Extensions button, which allows you to remove all the extensions that you no longer need.

If you would like to have a more streamlined approach of updating your sites with scripts, it is better to use a script maintenance software that automates your task and maintains your websites in the background without taking the time out. You can find a number of software solutions that are available for your use.

o Web Hosting Maintenance Service – Once your web host isset up, it is time to take advantage of your hosting service. In this case, you should let your hosting company to set up a maintenance program and give them access to your website.

Your hosting company will check if there are any scripts and extensions that you need maintenance. Once all the scripts and extensions are provided to your hosting company, they will perform an automatic update of your website.

o Joomla Control Panel – Joomla Control Panel (Joomla CMS) is similar to the option above. It provides you with a way to perform your own regular updates, as well as a way to manage your extensions.

If you want to have the benefit of an automatic maintenance program set up by your hosting company, it is best to look for a Joomla maintenance program. This way, your Joomla websites will remain as live websites, without having to handle all the tasks in-house.

You have to take into consideration a few things while choosing a Joomla maintenance program for your website. First, you have to make sure that your hosting company is reliable and trustworthy, since it is crucial for your website to stay up and running as fast as possible.

Second, you have to consider the features that a Joomla website maintenance program has to offer. Make sure that the Joomla maintenance software has all the features that you need.


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