Joomla Maintenance – 6 Important Things Which You Should Do

What exactly is Joomla maintenance? Joomla maintenance is very necessary to keep the integrity of the Joomla software. It also fixes minor technical faults in the website and updates the extensions of the website. Joomla requires you to add new extensions to the website and change the contents of the website periodically, if you maintain it regularly. Joomla creates lots of technical problems if you frequently add to the website and maintain it daily.

If you are looking forward to using a new extension, it is better to download and install the new extension to your website manually. Joomla maintenance will not only help you in repairing Joomlas website but also helps in preventing the websites from breaking due to the various technical problems that may develop over time. Joomlas website is an important part of the websites and hence it requires a special care and maintenance to avoid the downtime of the websites due to many reasons.

Website maintenance includes adding the new extensions and modifying the website regularly, as well as adding new links and themes. There are some things which need to be kept in mind while using Joomlas website. These are that

When you are adding the new extensions to your website, it is important to keep your website secure from hackers and other unauthorized users. It is better to put all the new extensions, which are uploaded onto your website on a separate folder and not on the main one.

When you are updating the website, it is necessary to update the theme as well as the extensions of the website. The theme is something which has to be changed at least once in a year and at least once every six months to a year. The extension is another thing that needs to be updated at least once a year, as it will allow the visitors to interact with the contents of the website. and use the services.

You need to check the database of the website regularly. You need to fix the website if you notice any defect or any problem in the database.

When you are creating the website, you need to take some time to do the website in such a manner that the visitors can easily navigate the website. so that the customers can easily access the necessary information.

You can make your Joomlas website secure by doing it with the use of any security plug-in. in order to make the website safe and secure. These security plug-ins help you in making your website safe by blocking hackers. You can also use the website firewall which is also provided with the Joomlas website.

You can also do some changes in the Joomla website by yourself. you can add some pages on your own and make changes in the other sections as well. The Joomla website is very much flexible and easy to use and you can add all the pages from the database, without any hassles.

The only thing that you need to do when you are making a change in the website is to replace any old page with the new page and then save it in the database. and then you need to add the new page and save it in the database,

You need to maintain the database of your website regularly by changing the database frequently. so that there can be a consistent flow in the database. You can also update the database with the use of the automatic website updater. so that the updating process becomes less tedious and time consuming.

You can also do some Joomla maintenance for your website by making it search engine friendly. You can make some changes in the website design by changing the header, meta tags, content or the Meta tags and the headers, and the title. This makes your website search engine friendly and easy to navigate.


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