Joomla Extension Development – What is It?

If you are not familiar with Joomla Extension Development, I suggest you take a moment to do some research. The Joomla development process has transformed the way people use their website, as well as the way they make their website more useful and valuable to the end users. Having access to the latest, most innovative applications available allows webmasters to boost their websites by developing applications to show the newest information, create special pages, display custom widgets, as well as allowing them to use more than one language.

With Joomla, developers have a lot of power and flexibility to develop an application that can meet the needs of the visitors. There are several things that are used in Joomla Extension Development, as well as in general, when it comes to web development.

The very first aspect of web development is not programming, but rather HTML and JavaScript. In Joomla, web developers have the ability to build their own programming languages that will be unique to the application they are creating. There are three different Java programming languages that Joomla users can choose from, among many others. Having access to the Java programming language is not only important but is vital for any Web developer who is working with JavaScript.

Second, modern techniques are used for front-end website development. Many today would argue that front-end development is more important than back-end, as it will be what visitors see on their computer. Using elements of Flash and Canvas is quite popular as well as HTML.

Third, the next big thing to do with Joomla, is Joomla Extensions. These extensions make the core of the application even more unique. Each application comes with a built-in extension, which will let the user add certain widgets or features to the Joomla website, as well as adding unique functions to the site itself.

A growing number of sites now have at least one web development program within their community, from using Joomla to developing a site in a matter of hours. There is even Joomla Extensions being developed that allow other third party applications to be integrated into the core Joomla application.

When building an application, it is also very important to know what your goals are, as with any online business. By giving Joomla Extension Development a try, users will quickly see how easy it is to build a site that is attractive, functional, and useful.

Once the project is completed, there are hundreds of sites which are in fact built using Joomla. This is great for businesses that want to launch their own Web presence, but are unable to invest in a full time programmer.

Joomla has grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years, and this growth is because of many different reasons. With Joomla Extension Development, users have the ability to share their own personal ideas with the community and to meet up with the latest advancements being made to the World Wide Web.

One of the most popular applications being built, is by WPMU DEV which includes Joomla Extension Development. There are many other projects being built, such as Templar, and many others.

So if you have never tried Joomla Extension Development, I strongly recommend that you give it a shot, as it allows anyone to create their own web sites that have never been seen before. You can contact any of the Joomla extension development companies to get started.


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