Joomla Extension Development Kits

There are two essential tools for Joomla Extension Development. These are development platform and PHP development tool.

The web development platform is the actual tools that will be used to develop the extension and if it is able to interact with the CMS itself then the extension development is much easier and faster. The web development platform must be able to deal with all the required HTML elements like images, CSS, JavaScript and XHTML. If these elements are not properly dealt with then there can be a lot of errors which will lead to inconsistent or broken extensions.

The next important aspect of a web development platform is the development tool. The development tool must be able to generate the files that will be needed to produce an extension. The developer will require tools to allow them to manipulate the XHTML and HTML files. The developer should also be able to save the generated files in a way that they can be added to the database.

The web development platform and the development tool are the most important parts of the Joomla Extension Development Kit. For any competent developer these tools will be able to produce ready-to-use extensions that can be easily installed into the CMS system.

You may need to invest money in your extension development kit. A good quality development kit should include other tools like template generator, file composer, plugin writer, demo-manager and dashboard builder. These tools will enable you to create an intuitive interface for adding functionality to your extensions.

A Joomla Extension Development Kit should also contain a means to install the extension once it has been generated. You may use these tools for downloading code from the web, so you can install it right on your site.

Itis also important to have an integration method with the application. The basic application that you will need is a plugin system. This enables your extensions to interact with the various aspects of the CMS. The following sections will describe the basic extensions and how they integrate with the system.

The Market Research module is a very common example of an extension that allows an extension to be installed right into the CMS. This is an example of an extension that integrates with the CMS, it is essentially a standalone product, that is installed and built by the developer.

Another popular extension is the Static Site Generator. This module is used to create static websites that are just regular HTML files that sit on a server somewhere. This allows the developer to gain access to the CMS and use it to develop dynamic websites.

The Ecommerce extension works exactly the same as an ecommerce product. It allows the extension to interact with the CMS system, it does not give access to the actual store where the products are bought from. It gives you a nice looking interface for ordering products and retrieving details about the order process.

Another popular extension is the templating engine. This uses the new HTML5 component, VML, to render HTML and XML.

Extensions are the lifeblood of Joomla. They enable users to quickly add new functionality and integrate with the current CMS system. The tools available to the developer to enable them to write code that will have to be actively supported by the system.


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