Joomla Extension Development For Beginners

Joomla extension development is not just about adding new features to your website. You should also understand how to properly use it so that your website will work for years to come. The good news is that you don’t have to be a web programmer to handle Joomla extensions.

Extensions are a relatively new tool in the world of web development. They were first used in 2020 by WordPress to add functionality to blogs, and they have been growing steadily ever since.

What makes them different from regular websites is the fact that they run on the Joomla platform, a very popular open source CMS. There are many benefits to choosing Joomla over WordPress for your web development needs. You can add extensions much faster, since you can start working right away.

Extensions are more flexible and customizable than WordPress. There are no limitations like Flash video; everything is free to include. You can have full control over your extension’s design and interface, without having to worry about things like adding Flash to a background image or Flash video to a static page.

Most extensions are free to add, but some require payment to modify the site’s content. Some will allow you to publish your extensions directly from your own personal domain or blog, while others only require that you register with them, which means you will need to pay to access their platform. It all depends on what you want.

Install your extensions with your own hosting. There are a number of free hosting platforms out there that allow you to do this. If you’re unfamiliar with extensions, these are the best places to find out more about them. A Joomla extension developer will have tutorials available for you to download.

Extensions have a limited lifespan, so make sure that you regularly keep up with your updates. Make sure you have at least one copy of your installation files in case something goes wrong. A third-party developer won’t mind giving you a copy of their extension, as long as you’re happy with its performance. All it takes is a bit of maintenance to get it running as smoothly as possible.

While extensions can handle most functions, they can’t be designed specifically for your needs. They can work, however, as a jumping off point for custom applications. You can use extensions to integrate with third-party services and applications. You can integrate with other websites, too, to send user notifications, make forum posts, post direct messages and more.

Website users can also communicate with you directly via your extensions. Because they’re not custom built into your website, they can easily be integrated with existing social networking services. They can also be integrated with email accounts and other social networks, so you can continue to communicate with your subscribers even if your website is down.

Extensions are a great way to update your website without the need for a major overhaul. You can also create a forum for your community members to discuss anything related to your website. You can update the design of your extensions, too, to make them more interesting and modern. You can even add a flash element to an existing one to expand on the functionality of the new one.

Joomla is much more than just a CMS. You can learn how to use extensions right now, without any programming experience. Check out extensions for WordPress, WordPress-powered blogs, social networking and more.

Before you hire a web developer, you should try Joomla yourself. You’be surprised at how easy it is to start developing web pages on the platform with just a few mouse clicks.


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