Joomla Extension Development

In order to achieve a professional look and feel to your Joomla site, extension development is essential. Through Joomla extensions, you can add various useful features to your website that will add more value and business to your site. The extension development enables you to add a lot of functionality to your site and also enable the site to function as an extension of the Joomla CMS itself.

Before undertaking Joomla extension development, it is important to understand that Joomla extensions are not a new concept in terms of development. There have been quite a few companies which have created extensions for Joomla in the past few years. However, no company can claim to be the originator of Joomla extensions as there has been so many extensions created. Therefore, before embarking on Joomla extension development, one should study the available options to understand the pros and cons of each option.

Extensions in Joomla are basically a script embedded within the website. A script is nothing but an ordinary piece of code that can be found on any website. With this simple piece of code, a person can add functionality to the website by embedding various functions and features that they want to add to the website. This will give you more options when designing your website.

For extension development, a developer usually comes up with a solution that is compatible with Joomla. A developer can easily create extensions by using coding languages that are specific to Joomla. In order to create such extensions, a developer can use PHP, HTML, C++, C shell and XSLT to make the necessary modifications to the core of the Joomla CMS.

When developing such extensions, developers usually come up with templates that will enable their customers to make their own company website. They can make websites that are based on the users’ needs and requirements and can provide better information about the products and services.

Extensions for Joomla are designed with a certain idea in mind and can be customized according to the needs of the user. Based on the particular extensions, the developers can come up with different marketing tools to attract the users to their website. The extension developers can also come up with themes or templates, based on the customer’s request.

Extensions are compatible with various Joomla versions and can be developed for any one of them. For example, extensions that are compatible with version 4 will be compatible with version 3 as well.

With the growing popularity of Joomla websites, there are numerous websites that are offering Joomla extensions. Apart from the big companies that manufacture these extensions, there are various small businesses who offer their services to the customers for customization of these extensions. For these small businesses, Joomla extensions can be very difficult to find because of the limited number of customer support services that exist.

In order to overcome this problem, the industry has introduced the notion of Joomla hosting and Joomla extensions hosting. These services are actually a combination of hosting the extensions along with hosting the website.

The reason why the idea of Joomla hosting and Joomla extensions hosting came into existence is because of the increasing demand for these extensions in Joomla websites. A website owner looking for Joomla extensions usually have the option of choosing a hosted or an unsolicited extension that is available for download from various websites.

This was enough for the developers to come up with the idea of hosting the extensions themselves, so that they can develop the extensions on their own time. As a result, it has become possible for these extensions to be developed without having to spend the money for an extension developer. The end product of this development is said to be professionally looking and functional extensions that can increase the performance of the website.

The fact that Joomla is so popular means that it is not too difficult to come up with a website that uses Joomla. If you have a website that requires Joomla extensions then you can just get hold of a developer and they will develop the extensions for you for a reasonable price. Thus, you can build your website on top of Joomla extensions without much effort.


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