Joomla Components – Achieving Flexibility

The biggest lesson I learned when learning to use Joomla components was to keep to simple themes. Too many Joomla users end up with a bunch of options open and they end up with an overabundance of stuff in their site. There needs to be a simple way to control what is displayed, and it needs to be easy to find.

The other lesson I learned was to not allow developers to add features to your Joomla site that are not required. These unwanted features often include cookies and other such aspects of the site, but there is no need for them in a Joomla site.

Learn the language of your platform. Although learning Joomla components should be done by a professional, this does not mean you should have to leave the platform. You can and should read the HTML and CSS specifications, as well as the Joomla reference documentation, to learn how to work with these components and how to customize your pages.

It is possible to customize your Joomla site to add new capabilities without having to learn to manage settings yourself. You will only have to know how to add the functionality. When in doubt, look for the checkboxes. This way you can add additional information without having to learn anything about setting up or managing the settings.

Do not overload your website with multimedia and videos. That is a recipe for disaster. Joomla does not support video or audio at this time. Other features like Flickr are also not supported, as are links that open a whole new window.

The thing Joomla is best at is offering flexibility. People use Joomla components for their flexibility. The good thing about this flexibility is that you can easily add new functionality without much trouble. As you add more functionalities you will find there is an easier way to do it.

Having a site dedicated to something other than Joomla is good. It helps prevent people from trying to implement features that are not important to their own business. If there is an opportunity for them to add functionality they may add it, but they will only do so if it makes sense. If they can’t add it, they may choose to leave it out and save some time.

You should never be afraid to experiment. Even though I am not a very experienced Joomla user, I could not have created a website using the Joomla components without experimenting. With the right information you can learn how to add functionality to your site without necessarily using a readymade theme. You just have to spend some time learning about how to add these components.

Joomla is great for beginners. It’s easy to learn Joomla and you don’t have to know a lot about HTML to start a new site. Even non-technical users can create a fully functional site without too much trouble.

As long as your site has a content management system, which is a Joomla extension, you can add functionality to your site easily. You do not have to go searching for plugins, and you don’t have to install extra software or install your own server. That is just what a content management system does for you.

Joomla is used on a daily basis by thousands of websites across the world. If you can learn it in the first place, you can learn how to use the right elements on your site. Although it is possible to learn how to add functionalities without actually trying, I would advise that you read a few tutorials first before you jump in.I hope these tips have been helpful in helping you understand the language of Joomla. Remember that Joomla is meant to be flexible, and its flexibility is what makes it so great.


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