Joomla Components

A perfect choice of the highly-demanding online merchants, Joomla Components is a significant plus for the eCommerce hosting industry. It is in fact an indispensable element for the proper functioning of a Joomla website, both in terms of development and functionality.

While these are unique in most aspects, their basic principle remains the same; they enable the website owner to integrate all the functions of a shopping cart on his own website. What’s more, they add value and creativity to the end result. For this reason, they are used not only by developers but also by the merchants themselves.

Component development enables the website owner to enhance his website by adding components and interfaces to it. The components are usually a module consisting of an HTML file and accompanying JavaScript code. All the functionalities of the component are written and executed on the client side.

Joomla elements add much to the effectiveness of the online marketing strategy and so, a website must implement a good SEO strategy. To achieve this, component development offers a wider scope. This enables the owner to create any number of components as per the requirement.

If you have extensive and diverse needs, you can choose among the numerous custom themes available for the element. This is one benefit of component development.

You have your own code can be kept as open source. Many developers provide this feature. There are many websites that offer easy integration of various components and customize the look of the site.

Such a component provides an easy interface to customize various features on the website. For instance, if you want to alter the color of the content of the section which is most-viewed, you can use the module in order to do so. The same can be achieved with varying effect by changing the background color of the same.

Another primary benefit is that the components are deployed as open source. The authors of the element are always eager to share the code and further innovations to make it more user-friendly. Some of them even provide Joomla templates for the component. This provides an avenue for customization.

Joomla frameworks also offers great flexibility to the developers in terms of components. You can set up a template that suits the theme of your site. Apart from that, you can also get in touch with the developers for customized solutions.

A great number of Joomla extensions is available for the components. These add-ons are useful in a number of ways.

The most common way to integrate Joomla components is through hooks. Hooks are considered to be a great technology for integrating different components with each other. They are mostly based on JSPs.

Today, Joomla framework provides features for data integrity, which also permits to get rid of the numerous complexities associated with cross-browser compatibility. It is also very easy to edit and re-use the existing components of the Joomla framework. Hence, Joomla framework provides endless possibilities for customization.


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