Joomla CMS – Understanding the Difference Between WordPress and Joomla CMS

Joomla CMS has earned much praise and compliments from developers of online sites for its awesome functionality and flexibility. However, it still needs some clarification from users in order to improve Joomla CMS’s usability.

The first question that developers and users need to address is: What is the difference between Joomla CMS and WordPress? The difference is significant and it should be mentioned:

As you can see, Joomla CMS was created as a successor to WordPress. Joomla CMS was born as an update to WordPress. However, Joomla CMS developers are really looking forward to expand their products and expand the reach of WordPress. If you are looking for more information about Joomla CMS, you may check the Joomla CMS download site.

WordPress started its journey with the sole intention of being a content management system (CMS). This is why it developed a special software for managing user accounts, public blogs, and various other software-related functions. With the existence of such a complete content management system, the next logical step was to extend it by integrating it with the design language that is used for the website. This was the basic step that made WordPress an Online Website Development Tool.

What happened after is what you see now – a complete CMS system combined with a smart and versatile design language for creating websites. Many developers and users were surprised and even amazed by the uniqueness of WordPress. Joomla CMS, the predecessor of WordPress, did not have any utility other than a decent template system, a menu system, and a basic theme that were not really useful.

Joomla CMS developers realized that the strengths of WordPress outweighed the weaknesses of WordPress. The very reason for the development of Joomla CMSwas to replace WordPress. As they knew that Joomla CMS was growing in popularity, they thought that users could surely understand the usefulness of this new online CMS.

So, Joomla CMS developers integrated the CMS functionality into the user’s experience. Joomla CMS developers successfully replaced the powerful design language of WordPress with the accessible functionality of Joomla.

You may have noticed that the navigation in Joomla CMS is a bit different from that of WordPress. This difference arises from the fact that Joomla CMS is designed for designers rather than CMS programmers. They wrote the code and they will be the ones to control all the design elements of the site.

You will have to admit that Joomla CMS is a very user-friendly CMS. The designers have made Joomla CMS very user-friendly in order to invite users and developers into the Joomla CMS. A feature that has been extremely useful for all Joomla CMS users is that they can modify their pages without the difficulty of opening a completely new browser window.

The template design of Joomla CMS is probably one of the best features that makes it unique from other CMS. The template design of Joomla CMS is the same as that of WordPress. Users have to put only a few tags to make changes to the pages.

Another thing that you should keep in mind while designing the pages is that Joomla CMS has the capability to upload images. But it is not very user-friendly, so you should limit the number of images to avoid the problem of uploading. Also, avoid using some of the template tags, which usually causes a lot of problems with pictures.


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