Joomla CMS and Its Extensions

The Joomla CMS is used to create websites and one can create the website of his/her likings using this CMS. Joomla is a user-friendly content management system, which helps to create, manage and edit documents in an easy and efficient manner. Joomla can be easily installed by users through a graphical interface or through a command line interface. It is free from the complications of HTML coding. One just needs to have an active internet connection for downloading the Joomla.

One can directly download the Joomla cms from the official Joomla website or can also get it from the various distribution websites on the Internet. There are many advantages of Joomla over HTML and there are also many disadvantages of using it. There are several web designers who are using the Joomla platform as a content management system (CMS) to publish web content. There is a big demand for these web sites in the market. Due to its amazing features and ease of use, many users prefer to use Joomla cms to publish their web content.

Joomla CMS is an upgraded version of the famous Joomla 2.5 web designing software. Joomla CMS is equipped with many advanced features that are specially designed to make the work of web designers easier. Joomla has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and is one of the most popular open source CMS today. The Joomla development platform has seen tremendous growth since its inception and many companies are now using it for publishing websites. Many famous websites like ZENPAK, WEB OFlicer and Eavolio have released Joomla versions that are compatible with the latest operating systems like Windows 2020, XP and Vista.

The Joomla CMS development team has worked really hard to keep the user experience and flexibility high for the users. Joomla is the best content management system today. It has many amazing features that have made it very popular among the users. Joomla facilitates you to create, upload and delete all kinds of media contents like images, texts, audio and video. These features are supported by the PHP processor. In this article, I am going to list some exciting features of Joomla that have made it so popular among the users.

Joomla CMS development team has added lots of exciting features in the recent past. The most exciting feature that was added in the recent past was the User Interface. Joomla has added a new user interface that is faster and lighter than the older versions of Joomla. Joomla user interface can be customized according to the requirements of the user. The extensions for this wonderful software can be easily downloaded from the Joomla website.

The new Joomla leadership team has worked hard to improve the performance and functionality of the users of Joomla. They have added many new features in this beautiful software. The most important and useful feature added in this software is XML editor. This feature allows you to create new documents with ease.

The Joomla CMS and its WordPress version has been used in the various websites of different organizations. The employees of these organizations have found WordPress as the best CMS in the market. Joomla is used in the process of building websites as well as in the publishing of content on the Internet. In the past, the organization had to employ a huge number of IT professionals who have worked on the building of the web sites.

The developers of Joomla 3.x have worked very hard so that all the common applications are also available in the Joomla CMS. Even the extensions for the existing programs are available in the Joomla 3.x version. One can use the WordPress templates for the development of the web sites as well as the extensions for the Joomla 3.x applications. The extensions for WordPress and Joomla are free of cost.


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