Joomla CMS – A Good Choice For Beginners

If you have a need for an online business, the chances are that Joomla CMS can help you. It’s a widely used platform and has a lot of good points. This article will give you some basic information about Joomla CMS.

WordPress is more popularly used. Although it has its own set of pros and cons, it’s more flexible than Joomla. When it comes to new users and other newcomers to online business, it’s easier to start using a CMS than a blogging platform.

Most business owners want to pay the most for the best features. In this case, Joomla is the right choice. The creator of Joomla CMS, the world-famous developer Andreas Capellas, developed this open source product with full cooperation from the rest of the software company. When buying an affordable package, they add on additional items like software upgrade, management system and some other items.

The good news is that most people prefer Joomla because of its flexibility. Aside from that, it also has many advanced features. You can choose the templates that you want to use. From there, you can customize them any way you want to.

There are only few sites that require certain features that don’t come included in the package. Some people also think that this website development tool doesn’t offer a good quality of service. As a result, this tool is often recommended for those who want to expand their online business.

Most of Joomla CMS is free. Even if you purchase the add-ons or modules, there is no need to worry since these can be acquired online. Besides, there are also companies that offer you to download the tools free.

Though Joomla has some disadvantages, especially compared to WordPress, but it can be your best choice when starting out. It’s easy to install and easy to use. With this tool, your website will be up and running in just a matter of days.

Though WordPress and Joomla are similar in terms of design, they are not the same. Both offer the same features. However, WordPress is more flexible when it comes to customization. This is why it is often used for those who want to get started fast.

Joomla is compatible with a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac. Another advantage is that it is very easy to install. In fact, it’s very simple. You just need to download the tools and you’re all set.

A complex feature of Joomla is that it comes with version control feature. With this feature, you can track changes made to the content of your site. The benefit is that you can check if the updates made to the code are legitimate or not.

Since Joomla has all the capabilities and the great flexibility, it’s a cost effective choice. This is why this tool is sold by many hosting companies and online businesses. But if you choose to use the free version, then there is no cost involved.

For most beginners, Joomla is a website building tool that can handle the job of creating a website. With this software, you can easily customize the look and feel of your site. There are some disadvantages, but it doesn’t make the tool an ideal option to use.


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