Installing Joomla Content Management System

If you are working on a Joomla project, it is important to know how to install and use the extension. The quick and easy tutorial below is a basic way to install Joomla CMS.

This simple tutorial will take you through every step in installing Joomla. It is also for those that have no experience with the CMS and is meant for beginners.

First step, you will need to download the software from the website or download the installation program that comes with the program. After you have the program, you can now install the software and get your web hosting account. It is important to get a web hosting account for the installation process.

After you install the program, you will be asked for some information that you can put on your web page to complete the installation process. You will be prompted to choose a name for your website. You can choose a name that is short and simple. But the name you choose must be unique to your website.

After you choose a name, you will be asked if you want to create a secure password for your site. Choose yes if you don’t know what a password is.

Then you will be asked if you want to provide a username and password for your site. Choose yes.

The next step is to choose whether you want to install the email version of the CMS. If you select yes, you will be prompted to download the software.

When you click the download button, you will be prompted to install the extension to your desktop or download the installer from the website. It is important to note that to properly install the CMS, you will have to be online at all times to make sure you do not miss any steps. If you are offline, you can still install the CMS.

Once you have installed the extension, you can start building your site. In order to install the CMS, you will need to go to Administration > Extensions and click on the Add Extension button.

Click on the Install button next and follow the instructions for installation. After you have done this, click on the browser option and navigate to the location where you saved the extension and click on the install button.

Once you have completed the installation, you can click on the Menu button located on the toolbar and you will be able to navigate to the Add New Directory page. Here, you will find the template of your new site and you will be able to save this template.

By doing this, you will be able to build your Joomla website immediately. Joomla is a free and open source content management system that allows website owners to use a variety of features in their sites without spending much money.


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