How to Design a Website With Joomla CMS

So you have decided to develop your own website for your company and you have a Joomla CMS with which you would like to design the web pages? Well, there are some useful tips that you may use when designing your Joomla website. These would include identifying the purpose of your site, designing it accordingly, deciding how you would like the content of your site to be arranged, deciding on the type of template that would best suit your needs and finally planning how you would like to present your website to the world.

First and foremost of all, identify the purpose of your website. The main aim of your website is to attract the customers to buy the products and services that you provide and to enhance the visibility of your company as well. Allocate a limited amount of time to developing the website but do not slack in making necessary modifications in it at any cost.

Your aim is to design the right CMS that will work for your website. The CMS should be compatible with other elements of your website. It should also be compatible with other tools that are required to run your business.

After you have identified the core requirement of your website, make sure that you understand how to go about designing your Joomla website. The first step would be to decide on the content of your website. You need to have a clear idea of the nature of information that you would like to give the customers and how you would like to present the content. In case you plan to offer more than one product or service you will have to include the shopping cart, payment gateways and such other features in your website.

Research is the most important step. Make sure that the template that you choose will not cause any major glitches in your website and will provide you with the freedom to create a clean and professional look to your website. A design free from blunders and glitches will add to the credibility of your website.

Consider the usage of colors. Colors are very important in making the web pages look appealing. You may use various types of colors so that they can blend well with the background and thus making the page appear attractive and pleasing to the eye.

After you have decided on the content of your website, you will have to decide on the format that you would like to use for displaying your Joomla CMS. If you plan to develop your own website then it is highly recommended that you should have an SSL. This will ensure that all the data of your website is safe from any type of hacking attempts.

Think of the best font that you can use in the front end of your website. All the elements that you plan to incorporate in your website have to be easily readable. Fonts have to be in readable size so that they do not occupy much space in the page.

A Joomla CMS should be easy to navigate. It is the way that customers find the information that they need on your website. This does not only mean that the navigation should be simple, but also that it should look beautiful.

For the easy browsing of your Joomla website, always remember to avoid using too many links on a single page. This will keep your website from looking cluttered and very difficult to navigate.

Joomla is known to be a very simple and easy to use CMS that can help you develop a beautiful website that can also get visitors visiting your website. Though it is complicated to work with, it is also helpful to create a unique website for your business.


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