How to Create Customized Website Using Joomla Components

When one sees the term ‘Joomla Components‘, the first thing that comes to their minds is the content management system (CMS) which is used by numerous web designing websites today. It is a system that facilitates the collaboration between a website, its visitors and other website users. Joomla is considered as the most popular CMS which has the most number of online websites, which are developed by millions of web developers worldwide.

The primary function of the Joomla CMS is to facilitate the collaborative work between the web designers utilize it. As it is the most widely used CMS, the developers have come up with various applications for the use of the visitors to the website. These applications are created to cater different types of people, who require different features. For instance, the content that is placed in the website can vary according to the requirements and the needs of the user.

The most basic component that the Joomla CMS includes is the Joomla template. This template plays an important role in making the site functional. It is also responsible for adding some content on the website. The Joomla template is basically the content that is posted on the website that comprises the data that is required for the website.

The next component of the application is the add-on or extension. This is a program or a package that has been developed for the better functioning of the website. It contains additional functionalities which enables the users of the website to accomplish some tasks.

Another type of application that is being created for the website is the module. This is the software that enables the users to perform the tasks that they want. There are a number of modules which include templates, add-ins, forums, blogs, payment forms and many more. This type of application also enables the visitors of the website to customize the website according to their need. Some examples of the modules that can be customized are the web design, ecommerce solutions, shopping carts, ecommerce features, shopping cart plugins and much more.

The last component is the template that is responsible for creating the web pages and the menus on the website. It also adds some content on the website that is related to the theme of the website. The content is added as per the need of the users or as per the requirement of the website.

As the usage of the Joomla framework has increased, so too the need of web templates has also increased. Thus now the Joomla template developers have come out with several websites which are used for the purposes of creating dynamic websites. This kind of web templates enables the web designing websites, which are capable of changing their content according to the need of the website and also provides a quick response.

Joomla has become the favorite CMS among all the CMS because it is widely used by web developers. This CMS is used for the purpose of creating dynamic websites, which provide a rich interactive experience for the users.

It has gained immense popularity due to the presence of many benefits that Joomla provides to the website owners. Among these advantages is that it enables the website owners to perform simple tasks that are required to be performed on the websites such as adding, editing and deleting the content and the links. Also, the website users get the chance to manage the website on a daily basis.

The other benefits that Joomla provides include the ability to use the content management system and the web content management system in one application. Thus the website owners are able to use these applications on the website to perform various tasks.

Joomla also provides the ability to make changes on the website with the help of a single click without any hassle. The website owners also have the option of creating back links to the content or the links and it can also make the changes without the need of an administrator being present.

The most important benefit that is provided to the website owners is the ability to customize the website according to the need of the website. This means that the website owners can add or change the text, the colors, the headers and also the links according to their own needs. It also allows the website owners to customize the website on a regular basis thus making the website more personalized.


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