Easy Ways to Create More Features With Joomla Components

How many of us know the name Joomla? It’s a widely used Content Management System. This Content Management System is a website creation tool that allows website owners to create and publish content within the framework of the system.

The reason why it is called Content Management System is because it is a complete system that can be installed on a single server. It is also a platform where users can easily install applications, widgets, plugins, templates, e-commerce sites, shopping carts, and many other types of applications. However, when you use this tool, you need to choose Joomla Components that will enhance your website. Some of the best components include:

Customize Widget – In order to add more functionality to your website, you need to consider adding custom widgets. The web designers can give you many free widget options that you can use in your site.

Custom Widgets – Custom Widgets allow you to easily add content to your web page. It is a template-based tool that helps users to add a new widget, edit or delete an existing widget.

E-Commerce – Joomla is a platform that lets you host e-commerce sites. But e-commerce sites are not only about selling. They are also about selling products that people want.

E-Commerce – E-Commerce features allows you to set up shopping carts that let customers buy the products from your site. One of the best and most sought after e-commerce features is Joomla Shopping Carts.

Article Archive – A Joomla feature allows the users to publish articles to their website. Articles can be uploaded by the users or the authors can opt to publish them for everyone to read.

Recent Versions – A feature of Joomla helps the website owners to update their websites according to the latest technology. It does this by updating the content, pictures, modules, themes, and widgets.

Dynamic Pages – Joomla has the ability to customize the pages on the site. It lets you create dynamic pages that can be accessed by search engines.

Home Page Builder – The website owners can add html coding to their homepage. The coding can either be used to add unique content to the homepage or just to add a new feature on the homepage.

Software Installation – Joomla also includes the Software installation feature. The site developers can install the software on the users’ computers for their own convenience.

In a nutshell, Joomla can help you add more functionality to your website. However, you have to use the best components when you use this tool.


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