All About Joomla Components

Joomla Components is used by hosting companies to install the CMS. This software is usually developed in PHP, using MySQL as a database. The website can be designed on such systems. Hosting companies usually include this software in their packages as part of their package of the complete hosting package.

Custom themes. This comes in two versions. The first one is for novice users and the second one is for those who know what they are doing. You can find it in the section “Theme Templates” at the top menu of the Control Panel and you can download it for free. These themes enable you to have a preview of the layout before you go in for designing your site.

Theme Installer. This software comes in the “Theme Templates” section and allows you to easily create and download your themes. You can download one for free. You can change the template to any look you like and then change your template to your own style.

Themes editor. If you want to test your theme on the live system, you can save the changes to the browser. However, if you are updating your theme without any changes, you can use the theme editor.

Here is an overview of the essential components that are used in creating a Joomla site. From the menu, go to “System Tools”. The next section, “Templates” is used to update the site with content. The next menu, “”, is used to install and remove the various components.

Theme. This component allows you to download various templates. There are different types of templates available. These include: Articles and Blogs, Ecommerce, Newsletters, Portals, Social Bookmarking, Systems and Tags.

File. You can store, index and search files in this component. The same goes for catalogs, forms and categories. If you have multiple webpages, the file will contain them all. You can also search for these files on the server using an FTP client.

Security. This component is used to administer security for your website. The admin user and the admin password can be changed here. This enables you to create databases, set up passwords and check them regularly.

Login Pages. This component is used to create login pages for users. It is used to generate log-in forms for users. It also has links to page templates and widgets. However, you need to create your own login page.

Templates. This component is used to design the various templates that you want. If you use it for your theme, you can convert the same into HTML format.

Page Templates. This component is used to create various pages from which you can choose. One can search for templates by using the search box. Page templates include Content Area, Home, About, Contact Us, Checkout, Services, Contacts, Links, Login, Meta and Many more.

The Admin Section. This is used to manage the various components


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