About Joomla Extension Development

Joomla Extension Development is more than just installing modules to your website. In addition to adding functionality, extensions are also used as an element of branding and communication. The extension will help you find out about your users and allow you to customize your website to fit the needs of your target audience.

Extensions were created to improve the functionality of websites. While web developers like it when a user is able to get what they want with minimum effort, there are many who would prefer to do more with less. These users make use of Joomla Extension Development.

Joomla Extension Development is not difficult to understand. A “website extender” is an extension which is capable of functioning independently of the website. Once installed, the extension will provide the capabilities for the website to be operated by a third party. The extension can be made to work within the framework of the site, adding more functionality to it.

However, Joomla Extension Development is an evolving art and is ever changing. With the growth of the Internet, new features are being developed every day. Before making a purchase, a web developer will offer their service to different customers.

For instance, if you have a unique need that is not fulfilled by any web developer, you can negotiate for the right to install your own features. The agreement will specify all the details on how the extensions are to be implemented within the framework of the site. To keep clients happy, a web developer may add extra services on their end.

However, extension development should never be done on the site itself. Instead, it should be in the form of a third-party module. The code of the module should be completely compatible with the template and not change the way the template functions.

Extensions are used for many purposes. They are available for product promotion, product display, product information, business listing, product and service identification, social networking, and SEO purposes. The Joomla community also offers a huge variety of extensions, based on its own niche, such as fashion extensions, games extensions, currency extensions, translation extensions, and so on.

Extensions may also be developed as stand-alone software. These extensions are the kind that users can freely install on their own website, and they can also be downloaded. Most users prefer to do this as they do not require any additional technical skills.

Extensions should only be developed in a way that makes them compatible with the template and the underlying system. Some developers work independently and develop their own extensions. These extensions are compatible with any other websites or blogs.

Extension development should be performed with the help of web developers who know the requirement of the extension. You cannot take the final decision on whether to use a free or paid extension. You also have to consider the requirements of your site visitors.

If you require certain features, and you want a specific extension, it is better to pay for it. Otherwise, it is best to go for an easy extension, which will be of great help to your visitors. On the other hand, if you are working on a large project, it may be better to look for a private Joomla developer.

Extension development for Joomla can be done by students, companies, and even individuals. The fee depends on the complexity of the extension, the site owner’s specifications, and the estimated number of people who will use the extension.


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