4 Main Components of Joomla Websites

Being an expert in Joomla, one has to be aware of the various Joomla Components. The main role of these components is to streamline the working of the website, which has become a vital component in any business. In fact, many professionals find this term quite useful in working as it focuses on the standardisation of the working process of a website. Therefore, before you start designing your website, you need to know the components and what they do.

This article is not intended to go into the detailed explanation of the parts of a website but just to provide an overview of the components, which are required for the functioning of a website. If you are looking for more information about these components, you can go through the following articles which provide an in-depth analysis about the different components.

Joomla core is responsible for the administrative area of the website. This component helps to structure and maintain the order of the site and keeps the content and pages in order. The administrator’s role is crucial for the smooth running of the website.

Joomla File Manager component also known as JFM enables you to easily download files from the web. It facilitates the users to manage the web pages with ease. With JFM, you can easily manage all the important files like images, text, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, CSS, SQL, and XML.

Group Management Component is a part of the system that makes it easy for the administrators to control the website properly. By using the Group Management component, you can maintain all the users, groups, roles, users, and websites of the website. The content of the Joomla websites are handled by the Group Management component.

Commercial Payment Module, along with the Text or SQL editor module are the other two components that help the administrators to perform basic operations of the website. These components are mainly used to administer the functions of the website.

Joomla Animation modal, Joomla Envelope, and Meta boxes have multiple tasks which help the administrators improve the admin area of the website. They help the administrators to customize the appearance of the web pages and show different layouts. They also allow the administrators to control the media of the website.

Joomla Templates is the parts that enables the administrators to access to the entire Joomla websites very easily. They provide the templates that make it easy for the webmasters to build their websites very quickly. The Templates feature allows the users to add the new features and modules of the website.

Joomla Templates, along with the Text or SQL editor module, allows the administrators to control the Admin Areas of the website. Joomla Templates also helps the administrators to create new pages of the website and it also provides the text editor. Moreover, Joomla Templates also helps the administrators to create new modules and scripts.

Joomla Scheduler helps the webmasters to schedule the website according to the requirement of the clients. Through this component, the administrators can schedule the employees of the company and provide them with the flexibility to work according to the deadlines. The Joomla Scheduler can also be used to control the forms of the website.

The Web master can have a look at the Admin Area of the website and can decide whether he wants to update the website or just add some new modules. This component enables the webmasters to define the titles and categories of the website. It also allows the webmasters to modify the page settings easily.

Now that you know the types of components that make the working of the website possible, you should be able to identify the purpose of them and how they can make the website successful. Go through the sections and learn about the main roles of the various components that make up the successful Joomla websites.


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